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Welcome to Tarantino Culinaire!

My name is Chef Patrick, (most people call me Chef T) and after spending 30 years in the industry, 20+ as an Executive Chef, I’ve decided to step out of the day-to-day operations of a restaurant – I say with no hesitation AT ALL. I refer to myself and others like me as “Lifers.” During this next chapter of my life, I will be focusing my efforts, and truthfully my passions, on restaurant consulting, business coaching, menu creation, and culinary education.

I am constantly updating my website and periodically offer contests to my audience, so please visit frequently.

If you’re interested in how I got to where I’m at now, I’ve tried to sum it up below.

After graduating high school in Dallas, TX, I attended culinary school in Scottsdale, AZ. As soon as I graduated culinary school, I moved out West to beautiful La Jolla, CA and started working as an Executive Chef not long after I got settled. I stayed in La Jolla until my dad passed away and I headed back to Dallas to help my brothers out with the family restaurant. Tarantino’s #1 as I like to call it! It was started by the OC (Original Chef), the pioneer of our family of restaurateurs, my oldest brother John Christopher Tarantino.

After the restaurant closed, I worked in several high-end Dallas restaurants before opening one myself with two of my brothers, Peter and Matt – Tarantino’s #2. Even though the restaurant was a huge success (#2 in Dallas and considered one of the top restaurants in the country), food and entertainment wise, we were young, and honestly, had no idea what we were doing from a financial stand point, so we had to close shop less than 10 years after opening. I headed back to Cali after that, but it just wasn’t the same as the first time around, which is the case with most things in life. By that time Tarantino’s #3 was in full production by my two brothers, Peter and Matt, again. I supported them as much as I could but moved on to newer, different opportunities.

After a disastrous experience with a hotel chain – I’ll save that story for another time – I headed back home where I had the opportunity to teach Culinary Arts under Charles Boley, one of the few true Master Chefs in the world, not the fake excrement you see on television. (as you can tell I’m pretty serious about titles and understanding of who “Lifers” really are in this business). At This point was when I met my amazing wife, Kasey, who I spent the next three years with moving around TX in search of my next adventure.

It was after Kasey and I got married in 2005 that we opened a catering company and small restaurant in west TX and started offering cooking classes to the public. Our plans were to open a culinary school in a closed down Air Force base; however, Hurricane Katrina hit, and we were only two of many people who were effected – that would be another good story for a later date.

Kasey and I decided to cut our losses and  headed west to Santa Fe New Mexico where I sat over some well-known kitchens, like the famous piano bar Vanessie of Santa Fe, where many famous pianist and musicians played. It was pretty awesome. After a while I became restless, and, in a way,had enough of the Southwestern/ latino food culture and gravitated to Charlotte, NC to get down and dirty with some good’ol southern traditions that I could combine with some of my creole/cajun upbringing. I say upbringing because when my father’s family came over from Sicily they landed in New Orleans. There they established a rich culture that resonates even today through business, family and historic factual stories that have been recorded in Beauregard/Keys historical House. Our next big adventure happened a couple of years later when Kasey got accepted to Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration. Neither of us had lived in NY, so we said what the heck and packed up again. I also became a part of Cornell University as the Executive Chef over several roles including Catering, which involved cooking for many dignitaries and even presidents from around the world. We absolutely fell in love with Ithaca, but after Kasey graduated we moved back to Dallas where we both secured jobs – really, what is it with me and Dallas??? One of those jobs set me up as the exclusive, special event chef for President George W Bush and First Lady Laura Bush. Incredibly nice people and an amazing time-period in my culinary career. Anyway, Kasey and I finally decided to start a family in 2011, right around the time Kasey decided she wanted to go back to school for a Masters in Personal Financial Planning – seriously, as if growing a child inside of you isn’t enough, let’s add a Master’s degree on top of it. I really thought she was crazy, but I played the supportive husband role – and very nicely I might add. Plus I was able to teach at a major University, where I was able to create a class, and learn the depths of the food service industry through the food brokering business.

After 2 1/2 looooooong years, Kasey graduated, and after asking each other where we wanted to raise our son, we both agreed on Ithaca, so off we went!

We’ve been in Ithaca now for over three years and we couldn’t be happier. We have an amazingly awesome son, Enzo, who just turned 5 and started Kindergarten, and we have the best group of friends anyone could ask for – no seriously, they are AMAZING!!! Since we’re both so happy with our personal lives, it’s time to be just as happy with our professional lives, as well as being able to give back to our community and spend as much time with our child as possible. THIS is why we created this website.

I love teaching, talking about the history of food and helping others,(No I’m not running for Miss Universe) so I’ve tried to combine the three. I hope you find something beneficial here and most of all I hope you have fun!

Well, that’s me – Chef T